Protection and oversight of the product

The Consortium holds the Production Regulations deposited with the European Union for the acknowledgement of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), which regulate the entire Prosciutto di Modena production process, creating a complex and articulate system of control over the entire production chain.

These regulations detail the requirements of the raw material, the procurement and processing areas, the production techniques and the controls aimed at certifying production and authorising the application of the PDO mark at the end of the ageing process.

The Consortium is also appointed by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies to oversee the marketing of the product in compliance with the provisions of the law, through its surveillance agents.

Promotion and enhancement

The Consortium's activities are aimed at promoting, enhancing and spreading the knowledge of Prosciutto di Modena in Italy and abroad through an on-line and off-line communication strategy and participation in Italian and international trade fairs.

The Consortium is also committed to maintaining, safeguarding and improving the sensory and nutritional qualities of the product, and to providing consumers with correct information on its guarantees and characteristics.

Assistance for consortium members

The Consortium undertakes to assist its member companies by providing technical-production consultancy activities, implementing initiatives aimed at promoting and protecting the product, and regulating matters of common interest for all those involved in production.

The PDO mark
a guarantee for consumers