The PDO protection mark

The designation of origin “Prosciutto di Modena” is legally protected by Law no.11 of 12 January 1990: “Protection of the designation of origin of Prosciutto di Modena, definition of the production zone and product characteristics” and EC Reg. 1107/1996, with which Prosciutto di Modena was awarded PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status.

Prosciutto di Modena can bear the PDO mark when it meets the following essential requirements:

  • there must be a strong link between the production zone and the geographical environment in which production takes place
  • it must be made from raw materials with specific characteristics, which come from an explicitly defined geographical area
  • the production procedures outlined in the production regulations, as verified during checks by the authorised body, must be complied with

Traceability: a guarantee for consumers

Traceability is guaranteed by a series of stamps or marks, all recognisable also on the finished product, applied to the thigh by each member of the supply chain during the various stages of processing.


Every piglet's thigh is tattooed by the farmer within 30 days of birth to guarantee its origin and age

Stamp on the fresh thigh

The slaughterhouse applies its own identification stamp to each fresh thigh


An indelible mark called the seal applied to the fresh thigh by the prosciutto producer upon arrival at the plant, indicating the date on which processing begins and attesting to the selection procedure


A brand applied at the end of the ageing process by the oversight body to distinguish Prosciutto di Modena; an integral part of this brand is the number assigned to each producer to facilitate traceability